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We firmly believe in empowering our students to make a positive impact on the world around them. Through innovative learning experiences and a nurturing environment, we encourage our children to dream big and strive for change. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate their creativity, critical thinking skills, and empathy, equipping them with the tools they need to become active participants in shaping a better future.

School Facilities We Offer!


Parents expect their children’s safety to be a priority once they arrive at school, whether they walk, cycle, take the bus, or are dropped off. Security cameras can help keep student safety in mind while identifying bottleneck areas on school grounds.


Natkhat Kids also provide Transportation facility for the students to give safety and security. Teachers are also in buses to keep kids safe and disciplined on the road. Kindergarteners are escorted to their classrooms by designated attendants.

Time Management

Parents have the right to know how their child is performing in school. Parents will receive daily digital updates regarding their child’s activities on their mobile devices.

Smart Classes

Natkhat Kids is the pioneer in incorporating the most advanced digital learning tools and techniques for our children. One such item is the “interactive whiteboard” – a cutting-edge educational touchscreen board that makes learning more engaging and limitless.

Qualified Teachers

Natkhat Kids’ teachers’ holistic and comprehensive approach to educating students aids in developing well-balanced learners. They excel in academics and other areas of life and achieve overall growth to become future leaders.

Special Education

Activity-based Special learning method refers to the process of learning by doing. Rather than simply asking students to listen and take notes, activity-based education encourages them to participate in their learning opportunities.

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Natkhat Kids is thrilled to welcome you to our joyful world, where little learners feel as safe, accessible, happy, and cherished as they do at home. Nurtured by our highly trained, qualified, and enthusiastic team of teachers and care givers. Inspired by a unique blend of the world’s best curriculum. Surrounded by age-appropriate play methods, hands-on explorations, stimulating concept rooms, theme-based activities, stories, clubs, camps, and first-rate amenities.

Discover School Activities

Creative Games

Fun classroom games are an excellent way to keep kids engaged and to learn creatively. Introducing them to enjoyable games could be a novel way to engage them in the lessons and activities.

Creative Learnings

Children are better able to learn new abilities and acquire new knowledge when they engage in creative play. Playing musical instruments, drawing, playing dress-up, singing, acting out stories, and dancing are all part of this activity.

Creative Activities

Creative play is an essential type of creative activity for young children. Children’s creative play is expressed when they use familiar materials in novel or unusual ways and engage in role-playing and imaginative play.

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Creative Classes


The goal of our Toddler program is to help children make the change from home to school for their growth.

Pre Nursery

A fascinating universe in which children can cultivate their independence and new things. . 


Where young students can work on improving their self-assurance and talents, as well as their ability


A program that is all-encompassing, skill-based, and targeted. This curriculum is the ideal way


The Kindergarten curriculum prepares the child for primary school instruction. It makes the transition

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Children are taught to appreciate one another’s culture and traditions and to revere nature. We are having ERP software of the parents in which they will get all the updates digitally in their home.

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The school’s philosophy is to instill confidence in each student. Admissions are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and the institution does not give up on any student.
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