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LOWER KINDER GARDEN (L.K.G.) – 4.5 years – 5.5 years

A program that is all-encompassing, skill-based, and targeted. This curriculum is the ideal way to prepare the child for entry into full-time formal education since it emphasizes the ongoing development of language skills and learning.

The Kindergarten curriculum prepares the child for primary school instruction. It makes the transition from the unstructured learning environment of preschool to the more controlled elementary school setting easier to manage smoothly.

It is intended to lay the pedagogical foundations that prepare every child to read, meaning that they are self-assured and equipped with the desire, vocabulary, and language-deciphering skills they have developed through experiences that are significant to them.

Key Features

  • Specially crafted for children between 4.5 years – 5.5 years (Lower Kinder Garden)
  • Aims in developing the competence in talking, listening and making them as a reader
  • Engages phonics which lay foundation for blending of words
  • Develops cursive handwriting.

Our Aim

It enables students to approach the world with curiosity and the knowledge and abilities that lead to success in math and science, coupled with a growing interest in the qualities of things and the linkages and forces in the natural world.

The program encourages participants to use their social skills to adapt to the environment of a school classroom through the development of listening skills, self-control, patience, and discipline for the task at hand, as well as the ability to collaborate with others and solve problems.

Class Activities Gallery:

  • Story and Sensory Time
  • Water Play, Sand Play, Creative Play, and Library Time
  • Celebration on Festivals and special days.
  • Field Trips
  • Puppet performances and skits
  • Play Time with Technology Corner




Age Group:

3.5 years – 4.5 years

Class Size:

10-12 kids in one class

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