Natkhat Kids Pre School



Sensory Time

Learning can occur through inquiry, curiosity, problem-solving, and creativity when children engage in sensory play. In addition to fostering the development of language and motor skills, it assists in forming new nerve connections within the brain.

Water play

Water play involves water and tools such as buckets, containers, toys, etc. that allow children to splash, scoop, pour, submerge, and otherwise explore their senses. Water play can be defined as play that involves both water and the use of tools.

Science Time

The Natkhat Kids’ science activities are not geared towards rote memorization of information but rather the development of skills in observation, experimenting, and learning through play. Teaching youngsters about the world around them through their senses is what science is all about.

Library Time

Reading aloud to young children helps lay the groundwork for later reading on their own. Finding solutions might be complex when reading difficulties are detected throughout primary school. Yet, if reading is introduced to toddlers and preschoolers early, many reading difficulties can be avoided. Children develop reading habits naturally when they spend time in libraries.

Story Time

A story time program is one in which a children’s librarian reads books to children. Simple songs, finger plays, puppets, and crafts are frequently used in the program. The parent takes their children to the public library on the designated day so that they can participate in the program. Story time encourage reading and literacy.

Sand Play

Sand play benefits children’s emotional development and social skills. Children develop their ability to work together while playing in the sandpit by digging, carrying, and rearranging the sand alongside other children and adults. Kids can be patient and wait their turn to play with the many sand play materials we have available.

Creative Time

Learning and growth can be facilitated tremendously by participation in creative pursuits such as acting, music, dance, painting, and craft. Toddlers can enhance their creativity and imagination by participating in these activities. Engage all their senses — sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste — in this activity.

Puppet Speaking

“Conversations” with a puppet are a fun activity for kids. Every spoken engagement with their instrument will assist in developing their language skills. Typically reserved children benefit significantly from activities in which they are allowed to have a puppet act as their voice. It is also feasible for two puppets to discuss with one another.