Natkhat Kids Pre School


NURSERY – 3.5 years – 4.5 years

NURSERY – 3.5 years – 4.5 years

Where young students can work on improving their self-assurance and talents, as well as their ability to solve problems and their overall grasp of the world around them. Children are encouraged to approach the world with an attitude that is both curious and open to learning as they move from the stage of toddlerhood into the more independent preschool years. As a result, the curriculum for learning evolves into a more structured pace of knowledge that is both meaningful and purposeful.

Key Features

  • Specially crafted for children between 3.5 years – 4.5 years (Nursery)
  • Refines fine motors skills which enables them to writing
  • Engages them on English conversation and interaction skills.

Our Aim

During this stage of development, the program for education also develops. At this point in their development, children require the self-assurance, the abilities, and the desire to think independently, to be able to solve issues, collaborate with others, communicate, and develop a more excellent grasp of the world and how it functions.

Pre-writing, pre-reading, pre-math, science, and social skills are all a part of this curriculum. These are presented in an order that is both organic and rational, and the youngster is encouraged to teach them one baby step at a time because of this.

Class Activities Gallery:

  • Story and Sensory Time
  • Water Play, Sand Play, Creative Play, and Library Time
  • Celebration on Festivals and special days.
  • Field Trips
  • Puppet performances and skits
  • Play Time with Technology Corner




Age Group:

3.5 years – 4.5 years

Class Size:

10-12 kids in one class

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